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Solar car blog from down under

27. September 2005 • Matt Hollerbach
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I stumbled across the blog for the U-M Solar Car Team who are competing at the World Solar Challenge in Australia—they’re currently in 3rd, after placing 1st in North America.

The sun has just peeked out from behind the last of the clouds giving us some decent charge before sundown. Tomorrow’s run toward Adelaide will test the limits of both the teams’ cars and strategy. Many teams are within minutes of each other and any mistake could cost them their standings. The team remains upbeat and confident about tomorrow’s run and we look forward to seeing the welcome signs of Adelaide.


Best of luck.

  1. Just got the news – the UM team finished 3rd in the world!
    full details here.
       —KGS    Sep. 29 '05 - 02:48PM    #