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Status of Katrina relief in Washtenaw

4. October 2005 • Murph
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E-mail from Mike Scholl, Coordinator of Washtenaw’s Human Services Community Collaborative:

As of today, the American Red Cross has seen approximately 170 families in Washtenaw County. A good portion of those families either returned to the Gulf Coast or a planning to return shortly. We are anticipating and planning for a second wave of families that will be seeking longer term temporary housing as the families determine the condition of their homes and jobs down south.

Our case management team is currently working with approximately 100 families that were referred from the American Red Cross. In addition, we are starting to get additional referrals through informal community networks for families located in adjacent counties.

The case managers have indicated that our biggest needs currently are the following:

  1. Phone cards & cell phone minutes
  2. Gas cards
  3. Automobiles (please check with me prior to donation to ensure need and make arrangements)

The Ann Arbor Area Community Foundation is collecting cash donations for families relocated to Washtenaw County. We have had some very generous gifts from members of the community but we could still use cash donations.

In fact, the Jewish Federation has agreed to match the first $10,000 in community donations to the fund. More information on the fund and how to donate can be obtained by going to the following site,