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Send SI students to recover NOLA archives

7. October 2005 • Murph
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Kyle Conner & Rebecca Carter, MSI students at the University of Michigan School of Information, want to make a week-long trip to New Orleans over winter break to reclaim archival materials from the mud. They have secured $500 of grant funding from the Ginsberg Center for Service Learning, and classmates are now passing the hat for a match.

They’ve set up a Pledgebank entry asking 50 people to contribute $10 each.

I’m posting this largely in an effort to publicize Pledgebank, which seems like a great tool, but of which this looks like the first use in Michigan. The site seeks to ease group action by allowing people to seek enough helpers to make action meaningful – in Britain it appears to be in use for everything from “I pledge to dye my hair black if 50 other people will too” to “I’ll boycott a national id card system but only if 10,000 other people will too.”