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Union Card Check in Michigan and Ohio

9. October 2005 • MarkDilley
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This is a joy to Andrea Fischer Newman , for sure.

The chairman of the National Labor Relations Board says his prime objective is reviewing Ohio and Michigan cases on card-check, labor’s top strategy in recent years for adding members.

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That the Republican-controlled NLRB has even agreed to evaluate card-check sent shivers through organized labor, which says that the tactic is long enshrined in the 1935 National Labor Relations Act.

With card-check, employers agree to recognize unions when a majority of employees sign cards saying they want a union. Card-check is often used with “neutrality agreements,” in which employers agree to stay neutral in an organizing drive.

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Other important issues that will lead the NLRB’s calendar, Battista said:

Whether companies can restrict employees from going to a union Web site while at work.

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