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Balanced Panel on the MCRI

25. October 2005 • Dumi Lewis
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You often hear grumbles that discussions on Affirmative Action and the Michigan Civil Rights Initiative are not balanced. Well grumble no more! Well at least don’t grumble until after you attend this event. The panel will take place on Wednesday from 6-8pm at the Pendelton Room in the Michigan Union.
From the the text of the email:

Hear four exciting panelists including: Carl Cohen (Professor of Philosophy and outspoken opponent of AA), Marvin Krislov (Vice President and General Council of U of M who represented U of M in the 2003 Supreme Court hearing), Maria Cotera (Professor of American Culture and Women’s Studies), and Howard Schwartz (President, Michigan Association of Scholars, an anti AA group) present their cases for and against the MCRI, and perhaps gain a new perspective.

  1. UM Prof. Scott Page, of the Center for the Study of Complex Systems, recently published a interesting and balanced account of the Michigan (anti-)Civil Rights Initiative titled “A Decision-Making Guide to the Michigan Civil Rights Initiative.” It presents two sides for six arguments, and presents a decision-making model you might use for buying a house, but does not take sides. It’s a PDF at the
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