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24. June 2004 • Ari Paul
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“Prospects for Israel Palestine Peace”

JUNE 24, 2004
310 South Ashley, Ann Arbor
{Second Ward Public Building ? Hathaways’ Hideaway}

6-7:30 potluck and looking at materials, maps, art, etc brought back from Israel and Palestine (and France) and showing a short video of the Megiddo archeological site, and the “peace table”.

7:30 report: What we saw and did on our recent trip to the Holy Lands among the topics: life in the occupied territories, Ta’ayush, (Arab Jewish Partnership,) non-violent women’s action at the wall, state of the peace movement and left in Israel, release of Mordechai Vanunu from prison, finding family, and description of various peace efforts, Gate to Humanity, NIR School of the Heart, Sulha, and also, progress on the Megiddo Peace Project and our related endeavors at the art fair, the “Human Chain for Peace,” WILPF and re-membering sds.

Followed by discussion, including other eyewitness reports and comments leading to further actions, including planning a next presentation at the Jewish Community Center, Sunday Afternoon July 11, 2004.
We can be reached at (734) 761-7967, or megiddo at

  1. Can someone who was there let us know how it went?
       —Just a Voice    Jun. 25 '04 - 12:23PM    #
  2. One of my friends informed me that the Meggido project’s October 2003 human chain took place on a Jewish holiday. That seemed rather inconsiderate to me. I hope the same thing doesn’t happen next year.
       —inq    Jun. 29 '04 - 10:05PM    #