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Appeals court approves MCRI

1. November 2005 • Ari Paul
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From the Daily:

The Michigan Civil Rights Initiative scored a major victory yesterday when the Michigan Court of Appeals decided to allow the organization’s proposal — which would ban affirmative action in public hiring and college admissions in the state — to appear on the ballot in November 2006.

BAMN — a pro-affirmative action group — plans to appeal the Appeal Court’s decision to the Michigan Supreme Court, BAMN organizer and Rackham student Ben Royal said. He added that the organization is also asking Gov. Jennifer Granholm to intervene and spearhead an investigation of the signatures collected by MCRI.

The Michigan Board of Canvassers had held off on letting the MCRI’s anti-affirmative ballot question onto the 2006 ballot because it felt many signers may not have understood what they were signing. BAMN claimed there was voter fraud.

  1. Good luck, BAMN. The Michigan Supreme Court is just a little left of Ralph Reed. And, much as I agree with BAMN’s cause, they’re not exactly, y’know, credible with the voter fraud charges…
       —js    Nov. 2 '05 - 02:24AM    #