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Where are the Fall '05 MSA election results?

15. November 2005 • David Boyle
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     (This is my first Arbor Update contributor post, by the way. Thanks to AU’s affirmatively argumentative Ann Arbor archons of analysis and action, for running this fine and edgy weblog.)
     I just wrote MSA a nice letter yesterday, actually, praising them for their efforts in general, but it is no criticism of them now to ask, where are the Fall ‘05 MSA election results? at least in a detailed version? (And wasn’t this an issue back in the spring, too?)
     The election was utterly aboveboard, I’m sure, but one likes to see vote totals, etc., online. At UM law school, I got the elections to be transparent (they used to be without vote totals, etc.), and it would be bad to see any other campus government slip to a state of non-transparency. Showing detailed election results and numbers, in a timely and widely accessible fashion, is a core governmental function…
     Hey, Goodspeed used to post MSA election results constantly! Godspeed you, Goodspeed.
     (Rob Goodspeed, the “blogfather” of Arbor Update, for those who didn’t know.)
     Don’t forget Florida 2000! (heh) Bring on the fall MSA results! online!! Thank you.

  1. If MSA already put them up, feel free to tell me, and where I should look. The mighty Googoracle does not divulge any such information at present, though, so I am assuming there is none…..
       —David Boyle    Nov. 15 '05 - 06:56PM    #

    There you go, D.Bo. Thanks for the LTE and pressing the Sudan issue. ~Rese Fox
       —Rese Fox    Nov. 17 '05 - 06:48AM    #
  3. You’re welcome! And thank you too!
    Congratulations on your MSA win, also!!
       —David Boyle    Nov. 18 '05 - 10:11PM    #