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Arbor Brewing seeks support for Ypsi operation

19. November 2005 • Murph
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Arbor Brewing Company hopes to open their Ypsilanti wing, a microbrewery and beer garden, by April of next year, and is seeking small investments to help with start-up operating expenses. Investors will be repaid when the microbrewery opens…in beer.

Investments come at $100, $500, and $1000, with investor benefits including free beer and other merchandise, and a personal stein to be kept at the brewery for when you come by, and occasionally filled with free samples of new beers.

Download details and the registration form, and support your local businesses.

  1. “Traitors! Moving to Ypsilanti!” (haw—just kidding)

    Good luck to them, of course. Not that I have the $$$ to invest right now…
       —David Boyle    Nov. 20 '05 - 01:38AM    #
  2. Their new plant is going to be so cool. Lots of outdoor seating, and the operations will be much more like ours (which operates much like a German Biergarten) table service, buy your beers at the bar and grab a seat.

    This will be great for Ypsi!
       —todd    Nov. 21 '05 - 03:03PM    #
  3. No table service – sounds like Brandon will have a new favorite haunt!
       —Murph    Nov. 21 '05 - 04:05PM    #