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U-M Hillel Bans Coke Products

30. November 2005 • Ari Paul
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A little belated, but still newsworthy. The University of Michigan Hillel, a Jewish student center, has banned Coca-Cola products.

The Michigan Daily has the story:

Coca-Cola is also under fire at the University, where the campus chapter of Hillel voted last week to ban all Coke products at Hillel-sponsored events, saying Coke’s labor practices in India and Colombia are not in line with Jewish values of labor rights and environmental justice.

“As a member of the (Coke Campaign) coalition and of the Jewish community, I am excited that Hillel is taking a stand on this issue,” said RC junior and Hillel member Jory Hearst. “I think it will serve as a great influence in the Michigan community.”

  1. A point of clarification:

    Hillel does not have “members”, it is not a club, it has no dues, and there is no way to become a member. There are those who frequent Hillel and those who don’t, and those who are on its e-mail list, but, again, nobody is officially a member.
       —Clarification    Nov. 30 '05 - 04:29AM    #
  2. What about Pepsi, or any other soft drink company’s labor practices in so-called Third World countries? Is there research in that? Hell, don’t just focus on Cokkka-Cola, for it’s not the ONLY one. Lady Phoenix
       —Lady Phoenix    Dec. 5 '05 - 06:04PM    #
  3. What about Pepsi???

    *1990’s boycott of Pepsi for business dealings in Burma:

    *Pepsi contaminated with pesticides in India:

    *Coke and Pepsi drain India’s water:

    I wonder if the Coke Campaign people know about this?
       —adam    Dec. 8 '05 - 04:04AM    #
  4. Yes, the global Coke Campaign is most definitely aware that Pepsi is a bad actor too.

    The logic behind targetting Coca-Cola is that they control most of the market. Globally, Coca-Cola is the world’s most recognized brand name. If you can take them on and win, smaller players in the market, like Pepsi, will fall in line. That’s the theory at least.

    No one associated with the campaign has ever taken the line that “Coke is bad, Pepsi is good.” Hell, we all drink Faygo (Rock’n Rye forever!) and PBR.

    The other issue is that Coke’s crimes are simply more aggregious. They’re complicit in assassinations, in addition to environmental exploitation.

    So, help with Coke, and Pepsi will see the writing on the wall.
       —Ryan Bates    Dec. 8 '05 - 05:04AM    #
  5. Pabst Blue Ribbon is made by South African Breweries.

    Boycotting companies is an awful slippery slope…....
       —todd    Dec. 8 '05 - 04:37PM    #
  6. Aren’t PBR (at least in America) and Faygo both union-made?
       —Murph.    Dec. 8 '05 - 06:27PM    #
  7. Yes, they’re union made. Miller makes PBR in the US….but the money goes to South Africa.
       —todd    Dec. 8 '05 - 07:24PM    #