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Tuesday Nights - Goodnight Gracies

30. November 2005 • MarkDilley
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Wow, what a cool scene Tuesday night at Goodnight Gracie – (below Live at PJ’s). Spinning the beats were the atmosphere dj’s: Scotty Styles, Robert Lowell and Aarnio. (on the local music label – Ghostly International)

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  1. I’m still afraid to go to Goonite Gracie or, ugh, “Live at PJ’s” but I should get over there one of these Tuesdays.
       —Brandon    Nov. 30 '05 - 10:51PM    #
  2. What are you up to this Tuesday?
       —Mark    Dec. 1 '05 - 07:56PM    #
  3. In my experience the whole night is pretty cool at Gracies. You should swing by 11 – 11:30 and have a drink. Although, I think there are drink specials before 10 or 11.

    There really is a atmosphere differnce between Live at P.J.s and Gracies.
       —Mark    Dec. 18 '05 - 08:43AM    #