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Response events to Nazi rally in Toledo, 10 December

9. December 2005 • Murph
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At risk of unleashing another firestorm, I present the following announcement, via the Inter-Cooperative Council’s e-mail list.

The National Socialist (Nazi) Party is having a rally in Toledo this Saturday and some concerned members of the Inter-Cooperative Council ( are going to partipate in alternative events.

They will be vehicles leaving from Ann Arbor a little bit down the street from the Rock (Hill and Washtenaw). The plan on Saturday is:

10:30 – leave Ann Arbor for Toledo

noon – arrive at planning meeting at the West Toledo Library, 1320 Sylvania Ave (and other local public libraries).

2-4 – the rally happens at the city center

(some people will stay afterwards, but there will also be a second vehicle which will leave Toledo around 3pm so people can get back to work)

At least two responses are planned. One is a more confrontational counter-demonstration near the National Socialist rally. Another is a more “low-key” street party a few blocks away.

Also, if you can’t make it, you as an individual or as a house can help out too. ICC members could also use:

  • chalk
  • whistles or other noisemakers
  • guff sheets (for banners)
  • PVC pipes or bamboo poles (for banners)
  • finger food
  • D-batteries for boomboxes
  • buckets (for drums)
  • medical supplies

(Presumably if any significant number of non-coopers are interested in going, some will need to arrange extra rides.)

See also a Toledo Blade article on the planned rally.


The Toledo Blade today has three articles on the rally:

  • Nazi rally sparks protest, prayer – 30 arrested for disorderly conduct, inciting violence
  • Activists angered by tactics of police – Peace team says it defused incidents
  • Neo-Nazi sympathizer attracts insults, intervention by police

    1. I lived in Toledo in the 70’s
      and everyone had there own side
      of town now to see everyone
      coming together as one is great
      the nazi’s are our past not future
      if they harm the commutiy as a whole then they should not be able to march
      me i find that they grow stronger
      when people are against them
      if no one would show up they would
      leave they would have no one there
      to feed there hate
      i think everyone that is going
      should be blocks away from them
      so the think they are alone.
         —Lori    Dec. 10 '05 - 06:16PM    #