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General Franco still dead.

9. December 2005 • Josh Steichmann
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Despite persistent rumors, the Fleetwood will be open for quite some time.

I spoke to Lisa on the phone, and she confirmed that there had been attempts to buy the property, but that the Fleetwood will be open for the indefinite future.
Hoping to hear back from the owners soon.

  1. Nazis, Franco…what is the world coming to? (heh)
    Thanks for this, though. Lotta people love the Fleet, and your news will be welcome to them…
       —David Boyle    Dec. 10 '05 - 01:45AM    #
  2. (It’s an old SNL joke…)
       —js    Dec. 10 '05 - 04:40PM    #
  3. Whew! Thanks for telling us, Josh. As one of the few genuinely affordable places to eat in Ann Arbor, I don’t know what I’d do without the old shack. Good night, and have a pleasant tomorrow.
       —Lazaro    Dec. 11 '05 - 05:54PM    #
  4. I want to set up an Abe Vigoda-style widget… Anyone better at programming who can do it?
       —js    Dec. 12 '05 - 04:50PM    #
  5. JS: I’ve put it on my to-do list for winter break. Do you want a Firefox, Mac OS, or website widget?
       —Matt    Dec. 14 '05 - 01:31AM    #
  6. Website, ideally. Firefox would also be cool.
       —js    Dec. 14 '05 - 01:49AM    #
  7. Like this
       —js    Dec. 14 '05 - 01:50AM    #
  8. Can do. Just give me a bit of time.
       —Matt    Dec. 15 '05 - 02:01AM    #
  9. Actually, I just found this Fleetwood site. It even has a countdown timer!
       —Matt    Dec. 17 '05 - 12:05AM    #