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Send more brains. Elf brains.

13. December 2005 • Josh Steichmann
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Zombie Claus strikes Ann Arbor this Friday.

Based on the Santarchists, a mob of brain-eating Kris Kringles will swoop in on an undisclosed shopping center this Friday.


EDIT: Lots of pictures on Flickr, tag Zombie Claus. (picture above creative commons’d by Flickr user (and blogger) paanta.)

  1. are these guys affiliated with the santacon movement?
       —maximalist    Dec. 14 '05 - 02:46PM    #
  2. Entirely possible. You can always ask ‘em.
       —js    Dec. 14 '05 - 04:59PM    #
  3. Since nobody else has responded, I’ll do my best. This is pretty much an independent venture, along the philosophical lines of “Two great tastes that taste great together”, specifically Zombie Mobs and the aforementioned Santanarchy. My post on the subject explains some of it, and links to further relevant information: , but I really don’t think anyone will know what it all means until it’s actually taken place.

    Also, on a technical note, Mr. Maynard and I are united in our preference for the classic “Romero Zombie”, who is simply interested in any living human flesh. If anyone groans “Brains”, or anything else recognizable as intelligible words, they will immediately be shot in the head. It’s the only way to kill them, you see.
       —brett    Dec. 16 '05 - 05:43AM    #
  4. Yesterday evening, WCBN spoke with a leading scientist about the imminent threat of zombie attacks in Ann Arbor. Link above is a recording of that discussion.
       —Murph    Dec. 16 '05 - 03:11PM    #