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Alma Wheeler Smith to be honored this Saturday at Democratic Social

25. June 2004 • swoll
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Alma Wheeler Smith is a former State Senator from Ann Arbor and candidate for governor in 2002, whose father was the first African American mayor of Ann Arbor and founder of the Ann Arbor NAACP. Her reputation is one who stands up for the rights of all, and she is one of the strongest advocates for CHOICE in the state of Michigan!

Democratic Social this Saturday

Honoring Alma Wheeler Smith – come meet one of the most praised public figures in Michigan, numerous other Democratic leaders, labor leaders, and activists.

Host Committee:
Congressman David Bonior, Llenda Jackson-Leslie, AFSCME President Al Garrett, MI Teamsters Legislative Director Bill Black, Ronnie Peterson (AFSCME), House Democratic Floor Leader Mary Waters, Rep. Glenn Anderson, Washtenaw County Commissioner Jeff Irwin, Washtenaw County Commissioner Martha Kern, Rep. Bill McConnico, WSU Governor Richard Bernstein, Jenny Nathan, Amanda Stitt, Katey Aquilina, Charles Williams, David Bullock, Alanna Jackson, Deb Blair, Bert Dearing, Jamiel Martin, Cynthia Overton, Tim Gardner, Corri Wofford, Isaac Robinson, and Alfred Williams.

Saturday, June 26th
7 to 9 PM

39 E. Cross

(Directions-Coming from Detroit take 94 West to Huron Street exit, make a right on Huron to Cross, make a right on Cross). Suggested donation $25, students/seniors $10.

To volunteer for Alma Wheeler Smith or RSVP contact Isaac Robinson at isaac (at)


Walk for Alma Wheeler Smith before the Big Party on Sat. June 26th. We are looking for people to walk in groups between 10-1 PM or 3 to 6 PM or anytime that day you can volunteer. Volunteers get in free to the Alma Party at Aubree’s. Again, please contact Isaac Robinson if you can help.

Send Alma Back to Lansing! A few hours will help!

  1. Alma is great! I’m glad to see someone so progressive getting local union endorsements (though she failed to get the UAW endorsement =( ).
       —Scott Trudeau    Jun. 25 '04 - 05:58PM    #
  2. Alma is awful!!! She doesn’t stand up for the most defenseless and voiceless among us – unborn children. She is a radical pro-abortion ZEALOT whose love affair with abortion knows no limits! She’s even marrying her son, Conan, to the executive director of the Michigan Abortion Rights Action League (MARAL). All that Alma cares about is her own power. She’ll do and say anything in order to get elected. I have one message for her and her pro-abortion supporters:


    Stop the lies, Alma.

    Andrew Shirvell
       —Andrew Shirvell    Jun. 26 '04 - 07:38PM    #
  3. I am shocked to hear that Ms. Smith is an African American woman who thinks she has the right to “choose” infanticide. This is like the Stockholm Syndrome where you adopt the captor’s values. I would have thought that having had your race and culture threatened over these hundreds of years would have increased your respect for your own lineage and biological integrity. Frankly, I am more disappointed than I would have been had Ms. Smith been a middle-class Caucasian woman. This may be my own prejudice and skewed perspective, but I expect more sympathy and empathy for the powerless from someone who has known oppression, at least culturally. We do not have a choice when it comes to another person’s existence, unless, it can be argued, in self-defense or in defense of our loved ones. We have a natural instinct to protect our own—don’t pervert that instinct by taking the power to annihilate away from those that would harm us and turning it on ourselves and our children. No, I am not African American. I am a woman who respects life. I will not kill for convenience or “choice.” Why would you do that? Why would anyone do that?
       —Candace Vickers Taylor    Jun. 27 '04 - 11:09AM    #
  4. Who let the trolls out?
       —gatekeeper    Jun. 27 '04 - 06:29PM    #
  5. Andrew Shirvell is a closet queen, not a troll.
       —Greyseeker    Jul. 19 '05 - 03:13AM    #
  6. Having gone to school with Andrew at U of M, I can say that he is the leading candidate for “World’s Biggest Douche Bag!” Therefore, I would suggest that everyone ignore him.
       —Shirvell is a douche bag!    Oct. 4 '05 - 05:38PM    #