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Blogger meetup, 10 January

6. January 2006 • Murph
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Word on the street is that Ann Arbor’s minor celebrities, “the bloggers”, will be having a meetup at Leopold Bros on Tuesday, 10 January, at 7pm. RSVP on the event’s entry.

Maybe we can get them to put the Planning Commission meeting on the big screen?

  1. Ok…so Phoenix Game has had their entire inventory seized. (January 2006)

    Could Phil (or whomever) please email mewith the details? In particular we’d like to get the HeroClix prizes either returned to WizKids, or distributed to the local venues that don’t charge for player participation. (Vault of Midnight, or Fun 4 All in Ypsi)

       —Mike Kelly    Jan. 12 '06 - 02:47PM    #