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Michigan Youth Chorale Reunion Concert This Sunday

27. June 2004 • swoll
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The Michigan Youth Chorale is having a reunion concert this Sunday at Hill Auditorium from 3-5pm.

Event Info:

“Chorale Reunion Concert” : Michigan Chorales/Youth for Understanding Chorales. Reunion concert for members of these local chorales, many of whom were teens when the choirs were active in 1958-1973. The chorales’ mission was to spread international understanding by giving overseas concerts.

Tonight’s program features the world premiere of local composer and retired Detroit music teacher Carmen Cavallaro’s “Your Goodness Enters Our Lives.” The program of spirituals, classical pieces, and Broadway tunes includes rousing performances of the 4 songs with which the chorales traditionally ended their concerts, Johnson’s “Ev’ry Time I Feel the Spirit,” Morgan’s “An Instrument of Thy Peace,” Sibelius’s “Onward Ye Peoples,” and the spiritual “Oh, Freedom!” Accompanied by pianist Jan Riccinto and organists Don Williams and Carol Muehlig. Hill Auditorium.

Admission will be free of charge. Come check it out!

  1. Hello, is there a way of contacting the composer Carmen Cavallaro? Our master chorale is performing his piece “Despues de Pasar” and I’d love to hear a recording of it. Thanks

       —Nancy Flores    May. 8 '07 - 11:07PM    #