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Local student paper interviews Murph of Arbor Update

22. January 2006 • David Boyle
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The Michigan Daily interviewed Murph of our own Arbor Update last week. Having finished a backlog of other commentary about the Daily, I now have time to mention their January 12 article “Blogging Community Grows With Collective Efforts: Richard Murphy, Contributor”. Showing a photo of Murph in spiffy suit and tie, the article calls AU “a quickly expanding blog” and asks Murph some interesting questions, which evoke interesting answers:

”...TMD: What do you think about the role of blogs and citizen journalism?

RM: I think that blogging is a pretty useful tool for getting community information. ...if you say something stupid, somebody will correct you. ...

TMD: How do you feel about blogs as opposed to newspapers?

RM: Newspapers feel nicer. ...I think the advantage that a blog has over a newspaper is that it’s fast and response is quick. ...

TMD: What are some of your favorite blogs?

RM: Arbor Update and Ann Arbor is Overrated. I sometimes read, very rarely, the national blogs. I sometimes read The Daily Kos. I used to read James Lilek’s before we invaded Iraq and he turned all conservative. But….I think it’s at the local level that the blogs can be an original and new source and actually produce content well.

TMD: Do you consider yourself an Ann Arbor know-it-all?

RM: No, but lots of other people do. ...Just in a year and a half of Arbor Update, it’s developed a huge community and has created a wealth of information. ...So, I don’t think I’m and [sic] Ann Arbor know-it-all, but I’m part of a collective Ann Arbor know-it-all.”

The only part of Murph’s discourse I might query is “Arbor Update…it’s basically a group of volunteers that happened…to be geeky enough to read the newspaper every day and carry on discussion”. Geeky? Wha?? (heh) But geeky is in eye of beholder I guess, as with much else in the world.

All in all, another fine Daily article.

Go Murph!!!

  1. “Geeky? Wha?? (heh) But geeky is in eye of beholder I guess, as with much else in the world.”

    I, uh, hate to break it to you, Dave… ;)
       —Scott T.    Jan. 22 '06 - 03:58AM    #