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26. January 2006 • Josh Steichmann
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It’s been a big week already for music here in Ann Arbor. The Feist show was disappointing as music, but encouraging in all the new faces out and about (who never seem to make it to local shows), and the Blueprint show last night (with uncredited headliners Security— Majestic Legend and One Be Lo of Subterraneous, natch) was one of the best to grace the Pig’s stage in a while.

Tomorrow, we have the Great Lakes Myth Society at the Halfass (a week after another great show at the Elbow Room), along with rising (?) stars The Descent of the Holy Ghost Church, who will do blog-battle with anyone.

That’s up against the Encore Records release party, with all of the favorites from that institutional shop: Fred Thomas, Aaron Dillaway, Tadd Mullinix, etc.

If the Halfass cleans up quickly, you might even be able to make both shows, and that’s a button worth wearing on your hoodie.
Enjoy the feast while you can, as Saturday’s back to famine. Luckily, Sunday has Whole Wheat Bread, the next in the long tragically necessary line of bands that prove, yes, black people can play punk rock (see: Fishbone, Bad Brains, Living Colour).

  1. ”...along with rising (?) stars The Descent of the Holy Ghost Church, who will do blog-battle with anyone”...what blog-battle does the band do? As opposed to musical battle?

    By the way, what spam was in the article about me from a year ago? More drug advertisements?
       —David Boyle    Jan. 26 '06 - 07:56PM    #
  2. Not even. They were inscrutible URLs, full of mangled characters (I don’t think that ’ can go in web addresses). I don’t know what purpose they served, but deleting them quickly can’t hurt…

    (As far as the blog battle, ask Brandon about it… I only caught a bit of shrapnel…)
       —js    Jan. 26 '06 - 08:06PM    #
  3. Great Lakes Myth Society, Starling Electric, and the Moodie Veto (featuring former members of the Book was better) will be playing a special Valentines Day show on Feb. 14th (a tuesday). $5 at the door.

    Bring your sweetheart.

    Oh, and this will also feature the debut of our Chilean Margaritas…..we’re releasing a new spirit at Leopold Bros. in Feb.

    You’ll love it. No joke.

    End of commercial post (hope this is ok given the thread).
       —todd    Jan. 27 '06 - 03:24PM    #
  4. Yeah, since I forgot to ask the Starling Electric guy when his next show was…
    (Do you give us event listings, Todd?)
       —js    Jan. 28 '06 - 07:45PM    #