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MSA-City Council public hearing on lease signing ordinance tomorrow

29. January 2006 • David Boyle
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Some word from MSA:

Signing a Housing Lease in October Sucks. Let’s change that. Come to the MSA-City Council Public Hearing on the lease signing ordinance & Push the lease dates back to January! (open to all students) Monday Jan. 30th @ 6:00pm MSA Chambers, 3rd Floor, Michigan Union Quality Free Food! Check out the ordinance at Sponsored by MSA, Your Student Government What: City Council Public Hearing When: Monday, Jan. 30th at 6:00pm Where: MSA Chambers, 3rd Floor of the Mich. Union Why: To have a say on the lease signing ordinance”

  1. This meeting is open to all concerned, not only students.

    Also, it is important to note that the ordinance does not have specific signing dates. What it does say is that one-forth of the lease period of a 12-month lease must pass before the landlord can either show the unit or lease it to someone else. Many leases in Ann Arbor do not start in the fall.
       —Juliew    Jan. 30 '06 - 04:26PM    #
  2. Just curious about loopholes (I recall a comment from some time ago where a landlord promised to find them)... Does that mean there would be a slew of 11-month leases forthcoming, should the ordinance pass?
       —FAA    Jan. 30 '06 - 04:45PM    #
  3. The main “loophole” that the landlords were talking about in the last meeting was simply that they would put people on a list for a particular house when they first ask and then the first person on the list would be eligible once the requisite time had passed. Or they would take applications earlier and then not call until the particular date. So the rush for the “best” houses would be the same, just not made official until 1/4 of the lease had passed. It was written in the ordinance this does not apply to nine-month leases, but I don’t think many landlords would do eleven-month leases because those would be harder to rent or might cause down-time where the houses were not rented.
       —Juliew    Jan. 30 '06 - 06:04PM    #
  4. Still not much of a loophole. Having some names of people who were interested in the house three months ago but have had time to think over their decision isn’t the same as a signed lease.
       —ann arbor is overrated    Jan. 30 '06 - 06:22PM    #