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This weekend's music: Follow-up

30. January 2006 • Josh Steichmann
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Daily covers debacle

MC jumps onstage, raps through muddled mic, pisses on floor, blames ArborUpdate writer, tries to steal cash, fights, gets arrested, provides abject lesson on the pitfalls of adherence to mythical thug lifestyle.

The show was nice, thanks.

(Is the Daily having some sort of Seniors’ day on the web? Or are they just more full of crap than usual? Most of the retarded stuff didn’t seem to be in the print version).

  1. Senior day was friday. i think the site’s just fucked up in general bc they changed web-publishing companies
       —bill    Jan. 31 '06 - 12:31AM    #
  2. Ah. OK. I wasn’t sure if Students Like Sex In Hatcher was shitty satire or shitty journalism.
       —js    Jan. 31 '06 - 01:37AM    #
  3. well, all of the named people are real. along with the eqmc. glad to see they can now compete with the blind pig in terms of crazy people showing up to their gigs.
       —east quad alum    Jan. 31 '06 - 01:41AM    #
  4. Yeah, it was a crazy show—orchestral pop ensembles really bring out a bad element, I guess. Some girl passed-out outside apparently, as well. And yes, the music was “muddled” because our soundboard began burning. It’ll be better again next time.
       —Brandon    Jan. 31 '06 - 04:48AM    #
  5. Js. i guess it’s a combo of the both. my friend at the daily told me it’s all true, but they didn’t take it too seriously (obviously)
       —bill    Jan. 31 '06 - 05:49AM    #
  6. So they switched from Digital Partners (or whatever they changed their name to) to College Publisher… Funny. I really think they should scrap these vendors, build an open source platfrorm in conjunction with other college newspapers, create a npo and/or foundation to support the platform, and build an independent national college publishing advertising network. Especially for papers like the Daily, who pride themselves on their “independence,” this would seem an ideal way to go.

    It’s the national ad network that gives the two big college newspaper web site vendors their appeal to paper business managers.
       —Scott T.    Jan. 31 '06 - 03:45PM    #
  7. Scott T: That’d be a really great idea, honestly. I wonder how hard that would be to set up…
       —js    Jan. 31 '06 - 08:26PM    #