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Japanese Womens Solidarity Tour

7. February 2006 • MarkDilley
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This is a friend’s project. Tomomi is a person that brought focus on international students within GEO, the Graduate Employees Organization at U of M before I worked there.

Thirty Years of Sisterhood

On the US tour of a Japanese documentary film by Yamagami Chieko and Seyama Noriko, “Thirty Years of Sisterhood: Women of the 1970s Women’s Liberation Movement in Japan” in Feb. 2006.

The screening of the film, as well as the panel discussion with the directors and feminists featured in the film, will be held in the following university campuses and community locations in Feb, 2006.

Feb 10 (Fri)—University of Chicago
Feb 11 (Sat)—University of Iowa
Feb 12 (Sun)—Grinnell College
Feb 15 (Wed)—Yale University
Feb 16 (Thu)—LGBT Community Center, NYC
Feb 19 (Sun)—Bluestockings Books, NYC
Feb 21 (Tue)—University of Michigan
Feb 23 (Thu)—University of Minnesota
Feb 27 (Mon)—University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign
Feb 28 (Tue)—Washington University in St. Louis

  1. Sounds interesting!

    By the way: RIP Betty Friedan, great American feminist.
       —David Boyle    Feb. 7 '06 - 05:38PM    #
       —Brian Kerr    Feb. 7 '06 - 06:15PM    #