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The Next Four Days (in Fliers)

8. February 2006 • Brandon
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Making Oz not-lame, one night at a time.

Think of the children!

Indie-pop legends invade The Halfass.

Two words: Make-Out Throne.

  1. I think that’s three words that are inappropriately hyphenated.
       —Dale    Feb. 8 '06 - 02:40PM    #
  2. Are you sure? I never know with slang.
       —Brandon    Feb. 8 '06 - 04:29PM    #
  3. Brandon has a good argument for all of them. Indie-pop is arguably different from Indie pop (though I’d go Indie Pop), Make-out is hyphenated when a noun (though it’s not here), and not-lame could be argued as a compound construction (though I’d go with “not lame”). So while they’re all different from what I’d do if I was editing him, at least they’re clear…
       —js    Feb. 8 '06 - 06:31PM    #
  4. Local Slumber Party to play at the Halfass :

    ”...Brandon Zwagerman, booker for EQMC shows, said the performance is sure to enchant. ‘All in all, it should be a night of dreamy indie-pop music. Beautiful vocals and harmonies and charming love songs – perfect for Valentine’s Day.’”

    Go Brandon!!

       —David Boyle    Feb. 12 '06 - 11:55PM    #