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12. February 2006 • Scott Trudeau
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Some time on Thursday the server on which Arbor Update was hosted went down. I’m not sure exactly what happened, but I’ve moved the site to a new location (an overdue transition) and seem to have recovered the entirety of the site. I’ll be upgrading the software that powers the site shortly and if I have time, I’ll try to investigate what happened at the old server. Sorry we were gone and we’re glad to be back.

  1. Thanks Scott! You are the MacGyver of Arbor Update!

       —David Boyle    Feb. 12 '06 - 10:04PM    #
  2. Hey, maybe this is another opportunity to appeal to people to donate to AU to pay for these upgrades/labor.

       —Dale    Feb. 12 '06 - 11:29PM    #
  3. I don’t think my tech work is any more valuable than the time folks put in writing posts… and the last round of donations pretty much paid for hosting forever, assuming our readership doesn’t grow to the entire population of Ann Arbor and we don’t start hosting a ton of multimedia files … so if you’re feeling generous write up an article!

       —Scott T.    Feb. 13 '06 - 12:54AM    #
  4. It’s really great to have our community back!

    Scott, while you’re upgrading the software, I suggest a small change. Could you lengthen the “New Comments” list? There seems to be plenty of room to do this and still display the the “Site Library”.

    My concern is that one or two temporarily popular articles can “swamp” the New Comments list. Once an article no longer appears in the New Comments list, it will probably die.

       —David Cahill    Feb. 13 '06 - 01:52AM    #
  5. Congrats on getting back up and running… But this is now incorrect:

    “An e-mail address is required, although it won’t be published or shared.”

    Anyone who had previously posted a comment sans web address is now linked up with their email address in plain view. Before the spam bots find out (or before this is dubbed a bed web page of lies) you may want stop linking up emails…

       —FAA    Feb. 13 '06 - 02:02AM    #
  6. FAA: good catch. Looks like Scott’s Textpattern upgrade had a different default setting or something?! Anyways, fixed now.

       —Murph    Feb. 13 '06 - 02:37AM    #
  7. The “message” box is smaller than it used to be, I think. Can this be fixed? Or was the shrinkage part of a clever plot to reduce the length of comments? 8-)

       —David Cahill    Feb. 14 '06 - 09:09PM    #