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Interesting MSA election race developments

12. February 2006 • David Boyle
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(Welcome back to Arbor Update, by the way! I hope the server holds out…)

It is fascinating to see that the upcoming Michigan Student Assembly race may be competitive for once, see, e.g., the Daily’s S4M defector to run for president with new party: Rese Fox and running mate Walter Nowinski to take on dominant party ,

”...The Michigan Progressive Party announced its first slate of MSA candidates….MSA Rep. Rese Fox, who ran for her current seat with S4M, will run for president. Her running mate will be Walter Nowinski, the founder of the party. MPP will attempt to unseat the currently dominant S4M, which announced its candidates last week. ...Because she is already a visible presence on the assembly, Fox could bring credibility to an MPP slate that is otherwise largely composed of outsiders. Before Fox’s nomination, observers had speculated MPP could be seen as too inexperienced to run the assembly. ...”

I agree that MPP could have serious problems if it weren’t for Fox’s “defection”. (And, in Hollywood terms, “defection” is a good “story arc”, i.e., something which draws interest. Think of Zell Miller jumping from supporting Democrats to supporting Republicans, or Teddy Roosevelt jumping from Republicans to the new Bull Moose party, etc.—And another name for “Bull Moose” was “Progressive”!!, as per MPP.)

MSA election history is littered with the corpses of new parties which quickly died off after challenging the reigning Blue/Students 1st/Students 4 Michigan monoliths, as I recall. Maybe things will be different this time? Whether students choose to be “down with MPP” or not will depend on many factors, of course, including the MPP platform, public image of the candidates, etc. (I’ll note Rese Fox was nice enough to respond to my very first AU post, Where are the Fall ‘05 MSA election results? , with results info.)

But this year’s election process should be interesting to watch, no matter whom you support. Best of luck to all! (And Students 4 Michigan, Defend Affirmative Action Party, and any other parties or independents, will all no doubt have some good candidates to run.)

(This author has no plans to endorse anybody, by the way.)

  1. ”[O]bservers had speculated MPP could be seen as too inexperienced to run the assembly”

    Har! Har! This pretty funny – it makes it sound like there’s a group of pundits sitting around speculating on the political abilities of the various MSA factions. In my experience, “experience” has never meant much when it comes to running MSA. Most reps. are never around very long in any case so whether one has a year or not on MSA, it still manages to bumble along from year-to-year. As for Ms. Fox’s record, let’s hope she can explain some of the financial mis-steps attributed to her involvement. Otherwise, her opponents are going to tag her with a “Fox guarding the henhouse” line when it comes to managing MSA finances.

       —John Q.    Feb. 13 '06 - 05:23AM    #
  2. Hi, John,

    Nice line, but I’m confused. Are you referring to the Ludacris concert? Because I actually wasn’t involved in any financial inconsistencies in that regard: I uncovered the problem and have been taking steps to address it. Thanks for your candor, though. I’ll try my best to win you over.

       —Rese Fox    Feb. 13 '06 - 10:04AM    #
  3. “Silly Rese.” Don’t you realize that anyone who UNCOVERS a problem, is thereby GUILTY of the problem? (heh heh)

    Like Mick Jagger said, “Every cop is a criminal…” Funny world we live in…! :D
       —David Boyle    Feb. 13 '06 - 09:27PM    #