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Secret Society Sued for Violating Agreement

13. February 2006 • Ari Paul
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The good people at Goodspeedupdate beat us to the punch.

Michigamua, the University secret society, has been sued.

A former University of Michigan student has sued the university and Michigamua, a secret honorary society, claiming they have violated the civil rights of Native American students, staff and faculty.

Christopher Bell, an attorney from Ann Arbor, filed the lawsuit on behalf of himself and another former student identified only as John Doe.

The suit, filed Mondayin Washtenaw County Circuit Court, alleges that the organization didn’t abide by an agreement signed in 1989 that it wouldn’t demean Native Americans.

  1. Hey! I was gonna blog that tomorrow! (heh)

    The early bird gets the…
       —David Boyle    Feb. 13 '06 - 06:03AM    #
  2. ok…does anyone have an actual copy of the complaint? is it state law, or federal law they are claiming protection on?

    Also, what is the legal hook for turning a contract claim into a civil rights argument? D

       —David Livshiz    Feb. 16 '06 - 02:07AM    #