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Happy Valentine's Day!

14. February 2006 • David Boyle
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Or happy V-Day, for fans of the “Vagina Monologues”. (I am saying nothing about their interestingly explicit new poster on the UM campus, by the way.)
As for the Ann Arbor slant on Valentine’s Day: there is the romantic legend that the city is named after the two Anns who were wives of two city founders, see, e.g., About Ann Arbor: History: Background Information ,
”...Ann Arbor was founded in 1824 when John Allen and Elisha Rumsey left Detroit on a one-horse sleigh and headed west to establish a new community. Originally registered as Annarbour, it is believed that the “Ann” honors their wives Ann and Mary Ann and “arbour” refers to a grove or shady openings common to the area. Eventually the words were separated and the town became known as Ann Arbor – it remains the only city in the world with that name. ...”

  1. Some more love stuff about Ann Arbor:

    Heart-shaped highway system:

    Phallic tower:

    While many universities have phallic towers, only U-M’s has the tesicles!

    The tower needs a mate. To bad the West Engineering arch is much too small.

       —Adam de Angeli    Feb. 15 '06 - 02:10AM    #