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Student Group Organizing in Neighborhoods

15. February 2006 • Dale Winling
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Students at the University of Michigan have formed another group devoted to engaging the city in student issues. Students Promoting Active Neighborhoods (SPAN) is an off-shoot of the new Michigan Progressive Party. This organization initially will focus on the student neighborhood in the 3rd Ward (currently represented on City Council by Jean Carlberg (D) and Leigh Greden (D)), nearly the only downtown-adjacent area of the city not represented by a neighborhood or commercial association.

SPAN will hold a meeting this Saturday, February 18th at 3pm at the Pi Beta Phi house, 836 Tappan. Additionally, SPAN members will be canvassing Wednesday, meeting at East Quad residence hall. High on the SPAN list of issues is the placement of emergency phones in off-campus areas. Interested parties can contact Kate Mitroka, kfbmATumichDOTedu.

  1. SPAN blog:

    Many thanks to Dale and Murph for meeting with MPP/SCAN members and providing them with their expertise. Also, thanks, Dale, for posting this.

    Everyone who is interested is invited to the first kick-off meeting. It’s 3pm Saturday at 836 Tappan Ave. There will be cookies, coffee, tea and a great agenda for making our neighborhoods better!

       —Rese Fox    Feb. 18 '06 - 02:01AM    #
  2. works better…

       —David Boyle    Feb. 18 '06 - 06:05AM    #
  3. Oops; sorry. Thanks for the backup.

       —Rese Fox    Feb. 18 '06 - 07:39AM    #
  4. If you’re interested in the Precinct 3-1 SPAN minutes, they’re posted here. Thanks, again, for all of the AU support.

       —Rese Fox    Feb. 20 '06 - 11:12AM    #