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Slottow hits slots with 41% raise

16. February 2006 • David Boyle
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See, e.g., U-M officer gets pay raise with reappointment to job ,
Timothy Slottow, chief financial officer at the University of Michigan, got a 41% pay increase when he was reappointed to his position Friday [late January] by U-M President Mary Sue Coleman.
The pay increase brings Slottow’s salary to $425,000. ...
This made the Free Press, complete with Slottow’s picture. As it should have, seeing Michigan’s fiscal problems.
The Daily, on its own “The Wire” newsblog, in ‘U’ gives CFO huge pay increase in time of budgetary crisis by Karl Stampfl, opined,
...The fact remains that if Slottow went into the corporate world he could probably make a lot more, but his salary increase comes at a time of mild financial turmoil at the University. Tuition dramatically increased for students last year. The University countered the hikes with financial aid, but for many it was not enough. Do you think some of our administrators are paid too much while students are suffering the burden? It makes sense that we need to retain administrators, but at what cost to students?
I shan’t even go into what the Coke Coalition may think of Slottow, although UM finally agreed to drop Coke, after endless student protest. (Nor has the UM financial office been fully open, to my knowledge, on when it supposedly achieved full UM divestment from Sudan…)
So what metric is operating here for the whopping 41% boost? If the Coke ban had been delayed another year beyond what the Coke protesters wanted, would he have received an 82% pay increase?