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Blogs at Daily heat up some

19. February 2006 • David Boyle
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The “Michigan Daily” has had a whopping five weblogs for a while now; which I thought was a good idea, more or less. Splitting the focus among blogs for chief editor (“The Editor’s Page”), opinion (“The Podium”), news (“The Wire”...sounds like TV show), arts (“The Filter”...keeps out tar and nicotine, perhaps), and sports (“The Game”...sounds like rapper), Daily bloggery offers multiple voices and choices.

However, comparatively few people have utilized the Daily blogs (one big exception: “Podium” Suhael Momin’s 9/26/05 Conservative coming out day , with 69 comments); which is unfortunate, since it was a timely modernization for the D to create them: one of the “crown jewels” of J-Z Pesick’s time at the top.

Speaking of Pesick, looks like he was the last commenter (12/21/05) on the “Ed’s Page”; what happened to Donn “M.” Fresard? The Podium, too, is stuck back in January. However, the Wire has been hopping lately; Two lives in fifteen days (about the parking structure suicides), Students Want Minority-Focused Newspaper , Granholm falls hard in new poll , and City offering free smoke detectors , in the last three days alone.—AND all by reporters named Miller!!

Too, the Filter recently put up The Books at UMMA (one comment references Arbor Update), and the Game kicks some game with yesterday’s Lame ,

“Ice Dancing is officially the worst sport in history. ...”

In other words, the D-blogs are heating up a little, and the momentum may continue if they are lucky.

So, do check out the Daily blogs, whether “daily” or weekly. They, too, provide “Arbor updates” in their own way.

  1. Clicking on the links I put in (to check if they work), though, the Daily server seems VERY slow to respond. Someone at the Daily should investigate this electronic matter.

    “The name is Bond. Eston Bo…”
       —David Boyle    Feb. 19 '06 - 03:40AM    #
  2. David,

    There’s nothing I can do. It’s College Publisher’s database server and I don’t have permissions to restart them. They’ve been contacted about the issue. All I can do is wait.

    If you have issues, it’s much more courteous of you to e-mail me about them instead of hoping that I’m going to check Arbor Update.

       —eston    Feb. 20 '06 - 07:33AM    #
  3. I didn’t actually know that there were problems with the Daily blogs until I clicked (after I posted the article) to check them; oddly enough, they were working fine when I inserted them…or else I wouldn’t have been able to insert them (after reading them)!! Very strange timing, but these things happen.

    I was actually thinking about mailing you too, but did not get beyond thinking. Anyway, I reiterate that the Daily blogs are a good idea… (Not to mention my complimentary James Bond reference!!)
       —David Boyle    Feb. 20 '06 - 07:59AM    #