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Candlelight vigil tonight for Jill Carroll

22. February 2006 • David Boyle
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At 8 p.m. on the Diag, sponsored by UM Amnesty International and Muslim Student Association, I believe.

  1. A nice event, which just ended. I attended, and a rough count showed well over 50 people, all in a circle, standing silent with candles.

    “Come home safe Jill.”

       —David Boyle    Feb. 22 '06 - 06:22AM    #
  2. Good.

    I hope the same groups, especially U-M Amnesty International, can get the same 50 people to vigil for the dead of Palestine (4,000), and for the dead of Iraq (way over 100,000), all killed with our tax dollars in the last few years.

       —-Blaine (Palestine)    Feb. 23 '06 - 12:38AM    #
  3. Nope, probably not.

       —js    Feb. 23 '06 - 12:52AM    #
  4. I agree with Josh that it probably won’t happen.

    But torture is kind of what U-M Amnesty is all about.

    And there’s a thousand photos showing that our Uncle Sam is torturing Iraqi men and women with a vengeance.

    There’s also daily, overflowing evidence that occupied Palestine is suffering mass malnutrition, mass humiliation, mass trauma, and mass murder at the hands of both Israel and the U.S.

    These are things U-M Amnesty International takes very seriously, everywhere on Earth except for Palestine.

    That will change.
    I hope Josh is wrong, and that U-M Amnesty vigils for more people in the Muslim and Arab world besides Jill Carroll alone.

       —-Blaine (Palestine)    Feb. 23 '06 - 01:12AM    #
  5. wow, if there is anything slightly related to arabs in a post, Blaine thinks its time to go on a rant about Palestine. I am going to refuse to allow that topic to dominate another thread, at least I won’t feed the trolls this time.

       —Just a Voice    Feb. 23 '06 - 02:42AM    #
  6. Thanks Just-a-Voice,

    That lets me talk about human rights, which is very related to U-M Amnesty International.

    And Palestinians, contrary to what you may read in the media, are entitled to human rights, and to return to their stolen homes in “Israel”.

       —-Blaine (Palestine)    Feb. 23 '06 - 03:15AM    #
  7. “Blaine”—
    You are an “asshole.”

       —"Anonymous"    Feb. 23 '06 - 07:36AM    #
  8. I’m only going to respond once to this thread; there’s only so much one can say about the vigil (I didn’t attend, I have two midterms due Thursday): let’s hope Jill comes home safe. I have tremendous sympathy for members of the press in such situations. Most are just trying to report a story.

    Now, my only questions to Blaine (I know, I know, I’m violating my own rule here of trying to communicate with Blaine) are as follows:

    Why do you see it necessary to bring up Palestine when talking about a vigil for a journalist in Iraq? Is it because your only true concern is your own narrow minded views on the Middle East?

    Second, what a great way to stifle debate about your views! Anonymous (that’s kinda cowardly to be anonymous; c’mon have some guts) called you an asshole because . . . you’re an asshole. You’re mean and you won’t debate people. I could care less about your feelings on Israel/Palestine. There’s so fringe it’s ridiculous. You respond by saying someone calling you an asshole is an insult to Palestinians and the cause. I highly doubt that. You need to stop labelling anyone who finds you a detestable human being as someone who is racist against Palestinians. Odds are that they just don’t like you, and they probably have a rather progressive view on the conflict.

    You don’t have to bother responding to me (even though you’ll address a response to me, it probably won’t have anything to do with what I said). I’m not responding to you anymore. I just wanted to say a few words to those who might try and debate you and hope that they think twice about it.

       —Jared Goldberg    Feb. 23 '06 - 08:07AM    #
  9. Today’s Daily, Muslims pray for Carroll:Deadline approaching for release of journalist and Ann Arbor native ,

    “With the deadline to meet Iraqi kidnappers’ demands for the release of journalist Jill Carroll less than a week away, students held a candlelight vigil on the Diag last night.

    ...The Muslim Students’ Association and the University chapter of Amnesty International sponsored the event.

    “We have a duty as Muslims to uphold certain values, and one is justice,” said Business School senior Aisha Jukaku, a member of the association.

    ...”Jill Carroll is caught in a war she has nothing to do with,” Engineering freshman Aysha Ansari said.

    More than 50 students attended the vigil.

    Carroll’s neighbors expressed their gratitude for the vigil, but said they would not talk to press until the situation is remedied.

    Carroll’s family issued a public appeal yesterday, one of many efforts pushing for her release since the Jan. 7 abduction.

    ...The organizers of the vigil hope the event makes the campus community as well as outside communities aware that “as citizens of the world, no one is deserving of such treatment,” Jukaku said.

    In a statement distributed to those in attendance, a couple brief sentences summarized the motives of the vigil: “We hope that she will not become one of thousands of victims of the violence in Iraq. All of us, despite religious, cultural, and political differences, stand together against such heinous crimes against humanity.””

       —David Boyle    Feb. 23 '06 - 08:12AM    #
  10. Blaine, do you know that the chip in your computer that you are typing on right now was conceived in Israel? OH NO! The most rational thing to do, of course, is to boycott using your computer. At least that way we won’t have to put up with your nonsensical, narcissistic bullshit.

       —Brad    Feb. 23 '06 - 09:56PM    #
  11. My question stands unanswered.

    No one disputes that Jill Carroll has rights.

    U-M Amnesty International is vigiling for Jill’s rights.

    Thousands of media outlets are pleading for her rights.

    So I am asking my question, again, politely:

    Do you view Palestinians as people, and do they have ANY inalienable rights that Israel is bound to observe?

    Do Palestinians have any rights, rights that are worthy of your holding a vigil on the U-M campus?

       —-Blaine (Palestine)    Feb. 23 '06 - 11:13PM    #
  12. Wait, what blasphemy, Blaine – you didn’t put Israel in quotes. I can’t take you seriously anymore, you’ve not stayed true to yourself. tsk.

       —Brad    Feb. 24 '06 - 12:06AM    #
  13. I’m not asking you to care about the occupied people of Palestine.

    I am telling you not to touch a hair on their head.

    Remember what happens at the War Crimes Tribunal in the Hague, and what’s happening to Pinochet right now.

       —-Blaine (Palestine)    Feb. 24 '06 - 01:28AM    #
  14. “Human rights demands ususally get that kind of response, when it comes to Palestinians, and Palestinians only.”

    Yeah, when people cut me off in traffic and I yell “Asshole!” it’s because of my resistence to their human rights works.
    Sometimes, Blaine, you’re just an asshole.

       —js    Feb. 24 '06 - 01:36AM    #
  15. Blaine –

    Thanks for the caring advice. I’ll probably play soccer with them, as most of my friends do already. Is that OK with you, or does that classify me as a war criminal? Next thing you know you’ll tell me not to illegaly occupy their soccer field and stop usurping their soccer balls.

       —Brad    Feb. 24 '06 - 01:57AM    #
  16. You have no right to set foot, as an occupying Israeli soldier, on one inch of Palestine.

    Got it?

       —-Blaine (Palestine)    Feb. 24 '06 - 02:08AM    #
  17. Ok, got it Blaine. Sure thing.

    I’ll send you a postcard.

       —Brad    Feb. 24 '06 - 02:28AM    #
  18. Blaine, how can we possibly care about the human rights of Palestinians when our humans rights are being totally abused by your existance. Once we solve the problem of Blaine, I will work till the end of time to improve the human rights of palestinians

       —Just a Voice    Feb. 24 '06 - 09:57AM    #
  19. “I’ll probably play soccer with them, as most of my friends do already. Is that OK with you, or does that classify me as a war criminal?”

    Brad, it’s only a war crime if you tackle cleats first, or pull on a Palestinian jersey when has a clear breakaway on goal.

    Also, you’re violating the UN resolution if you get caught offsides.

    Now you know.

    Have fun!

       —todd    Feb. 24 '06 - 10:29AM    #
  20. hehe,

    what can i say, sports can unite people…

    that said, i heard on the daily show that in the opening cerimonies of the olympics, denmark walked out to an 80’s remix of “please don’t let me be misunderstood.”

    ari p.

       —Ari P.    Feb. 24 '06 - 11:06AM    #
  21. Oh, Todd, I dunno if I’d count yellow cards as War Crimes necessarily. Red cards, though, that’s just wrong.

       —js    Feb. 24 '06 - 12:10PM    #
  22. Gentelmen, please, red cards are part of the game, its only poor play that is truly a war crime

       —Just a Voice    Feb. 24 '06 - 12:44PM    #
  23. To lighten the mood .

       —Brad    Feb. 24 '06 - 08:49PM    #
  24. from the same google video search for Israeli, here is something equally as bizare. I can’t tell if its orthodox jew & palestinian or orthodox jew and modern jew in the video, but this is the Israeli version of hip hop

       —Just a Voice    Feb. 25 '06 - 02:09AM    #
  25. Oops, helps if I remember the link, eh?


       —Just a Voice    Feb. 25 '06 - 08:16PM    #