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Winling wins over Nowinski and vice versa

23. February 2006 • David Boyle
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AU’s own Dale Winling and his demi-namesake Walter Nowinski seem pleasantly free from mutual rancor, at least as per the Daily’s 2/20 Neighborhood groups to represent student tenants: MPP offshoot aims to form student neighborhood associations ,
“Safety, parking and icy sidewalks are three issues off-campus housing that a new organization, Student Promoting Active Neighborhoods, aims to address. ...SPAN is a sister group of the Michigan Progressive Party…. “The idea is that especially in city politics neighborhoods have a lot of power,” said Walter Nowinski, MPP’s vice presidential candidate. Rese Fox, MPP’s presidential candidate, said that by creating a network of neighborhood associations, it will be easier for students to have their voices hear a by the city government. Though SPAN has ties to MPP, Fox said the group has no political affiliation. ...Nearly everyone at the meeting voiced their concerns with parking on- and off-campus. Rackham student Matt Brenner expressed a desire for more 15-minute parking outside classrooms for students to drop off papers or pick up things they had forgotten. Other problems with parking mostly centered on the ability to park in front of or near their own houses. ...Though it was brought up, students were unable to come up with a solution to increase the trust between students and DPS. MPP members consulted with Dale Winling, a Rackham student who is the director of the New West Side Association, a group representing the interests of renters and students. Winling said he approved of MPP’s plans. Nowinski said the two groups would not conflict.”
“Not conflict”? This bears commentary because one would not have expected conflict in any case?!
If conflict did exist: one would have nightmare visions of NWSA vs. MPP, like the Sharks and the Jets in West Side [!!] Story...

More seriously, it is nice to see student activism (by anybody either in any party or not in any party at all, including Students 4 Michigan or other folks working on Ann Arbor lease issues) vis-a-vis student well-being in Ann Arbor. Readers of Arbor Update should always feel welcome to submit their own commentary and ideas on this and other topics.

  1. The ‘conflict’ language actually came out of a MSA meeting. When Rese Fox announced our plans for SPAN one of the incumbent S4M reps, desperate to attack our plans, suggested that SPAN would undermine existing neighborhood associations. Naturally the Daily picked up on this and asked me if SPAN would conflict with the NWSA.

       —Walter Nowinski    Feb. 23 '06 - 12:41PM    #