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23. February 2006 • Josh Steichmann
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Another rich weekend for local music. Friday has either Jim Roll (opening for The Flouride Program’s CD release) at the Elbow, or the Dirtbombs at the Pig with supergroup SSM opening.
Jim Roll is an internationally hailed roots rocker who gets disturbingly little love in his hometown. The Dirtbombs are an internationally hailed (though hated in Scandinavia) rock band with two drummers and no bassist (an inverted Cop Shoot Cop).

This all assumes that you’re not going to see the local bands at the Motorcity Blowout, where the trouble lies more in the plenty than the paucity. (Might I recommend catching something on Saturday, so as to not conflict with the already fine options in town? An intrepid music fan might even catch the earlier set from Roll and be able to make it back for the Dirtbombs in an act of musical coordination that would prepare them for the venue jumping of the Blowout).

(I had some cool pictures to go with, but I can’t figure out how to resize images through textpattern’s retarded interface…)

  1. Jim Roll absolutely deserves this plug. Does this mean he’s 100% back in action … late 2005 gigs were cancelled … or do I have him confused with someone else?

       —Nonny Mouse    Feb. 23 '06 - 11:45PM    #
  2. Jim Roll is back! He’s also playing North Campus on March 11 w/ Dabenport and Patrick Elkins.

       —Brandon    Feb. 23 '06 - 11:47PM    #
  3. Uh, also, the Hamtramck Blowout is NEXT week, so no conflict (why, why, why does it always fall the same time as spring break, however… I’ll be missing it yet again).

    Also this Friday, Wilco side-project the Autumn Defense play the Magic Stick for a mere $6.

       —Brandon    Feb. 23 '06 - 11:49PM    #
  4. Whups. Heh. Maybe I just got too excited…
    (I’ll miss most of it, then, as I’ll be in New Orleans for spring break, doing a journalism project).

       —js    Feb. 24 '06 - 01:34AM    #
  5. ... North Campus? really?

    Damn, that’s not fair. One of my New Year’s Resolutions was to avoid going to North Campus on weekends. Oh well.

    It’s free, I assume?

       —Jen    Feb. 24 '06 - 04:05AM    #
  6. Free indeed. And early… so plenty of time to go out after.

       —Brandon    Feb. 24 '06 - 05:04AM    #