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Turmoil at WUOM

5. March 2006 • Juliew
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Donovan Reynolds resigns abruptly from Michigan Public Media, citing a need for “fresh leadership.”

Meanwhile, the University of Michigan and the UM Department of Public Safety begin investigations into Michigan Public Media.

Rumors abound.

  1. Well, Julie, what are the rumors? Inquiring minds want to know!

       —David Cahill    Mar. 5 '06 - 06:34PM    #
  2. I heard (totally unsubstantiated) that someone was embezzling although supposedly it was not Reynolds. Hopefully this will turn out to be nothing, but it certainly looks suspicious at this point.

       —Juliew    Mar. 6 '06 - 03:47AM    #
  3. Reynolds says in this Detroit News article that he reported “irregularities” in the development dept. to DPS.

       —tom    Mar. 7 '06 - 10:19PM    #
  4. There’s a Lansing State Journal article here:

    running the AP wire version of the story which quotes the Detroit Free Press.

    “I resigned because serious things occurred on my watch, and I had to accept responsibility. ... The organization had gone through serious trauma, and I think it needs a new start.”

       —Edward Vielmetti    Mar. 8 '06 - 06:26AM    #
  5. Interesting. As far back as mid-February, Steve Chrypinski has been listed as “Interim Development Director” on the WUOM web site. According to the Internet archive, WUOM’s web site listed Justin Ebright as Director of Development in March 2005, and claimed he’d been in that role since 2003.

       —Terence    Mar. 8 '06 - 07:45AM    #
  6. Has anyone heard anymore reports about those KKK fliers showing up in Ann Arbor News boxes.
    It also happened here in Lenawee County, as reported here….

       —InsideWatch    Mar. 9 '06 - 07:01AM    #
  7. Ex-Michigan Public Media workers charged with embezzlement

       —John Q.    Mar. 17 '06 - 12:09AM    #
  8. Any updates on this? Staffing changes? I did hear that Steve Schram is the new director.

       —NPR Fan    Nov. 1 '06 - 02:21AM    #