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Gordon Parks 1912-2006, R.I.P.

9. March 2006 • David Boyle
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Since AU contributor Dumi posted about Gordon Parks’ death on his own blog , may as well link to it here too.
Gordon Parks was the director of “Shaft” (1971), and “The Learning Tree” (1969), among other great films. He was a photographer/composer/artist/man par excellence.
Interestingly enough, he is also a former in-law of mine; that is, Gordon Parks was married to a relative of mine for a while. (If you’re looking for an Ann Arbor connection to Gordon Parks, there we go…)

R.I.P. G.P.

  1. The Freep has a gallery of Gordon Parks’ photos today.

       —David Boyle    Mar. 10 '06 - 08:51AM    #
  2. Village Voice, Greg Tate, Gordon Parks, 1912-2006: The renowned photographer, filmmaker, and author was as self-made as self-made men get ,

    “Talk about flipping the script: Gordon Parks was born dead and damn near buried alive. Then went on to live to the ripe young age of 93. Fortunately, two doctors were attendant that November 30 in 1912. The thinking one had the brainstorm of immersing the stillborn infant in ice water to jump-start his heart and gave him a fully operational third eye in the process. Total immersion of head and heart would become his lifelong m.o. ...”
       —David Boyle    Mar. 15 '06 - 07:52AM    #