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Fear and Loathing on the MSA Campaign Trail '06

12. March 2006 • David Boyle
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As much as one likes free entertainment I did not bother to attend the student elections debate; busyness called, and the “Daily” could cover the fun anyway, see MSA hopefuls compete for endorsement: Funding groups that lobby is major issue in College Democrats’ forum for MSA candidates .
Even those not attending the meeting for a bit of the old ultra-violence (Clockwork Orange) could smell some of the gang-fight adrenalin and other mayhem in the Michigan Union, though: the Students 4 Michigan army (or part of it) moving out of the Tap Room at 7:56 p.m.; DAAPies intensely last-minute rehearsing their speeches; red MPP sweatshirts flashing dangerously and abundantly; and the distracted computer-clicking SCP candidate I had to remind that maybe she should get to the debate on time…..and any one of these kids could Have Their Finger On The Bomb if they get to the real White House. That would be interesting.
So while unable (not having attended the shindig) to write a brutal personal account à la Simon Hoggart of the London Guardian scribbling about Parliament (but see the Daily article’s mentions of verbal gunfighting between candidates), one shall just note some little things: an ultra-cynical reading would be that College Dems might endorse MPP no matter what, as CD might like the chance for more funding. However, I am no cynic, and the Demmies seem like nice people. So, looking at

”...MPP candidates said they agree with DAAP on MCRI.
[S4M presidential candidate Nicole] Stallings stressed preparing for what would happen if MCRI passes this fall.
‘Regardless of outcome, there needs to be lots of planning,’ Stallings said.”

, one wonders while thinking out loud: that is thoughtful forward-looking to a future hypothetical MCRI victory, but would it hurt S4M (or anyone) that much to have a present actual party platform, and hopefully one which explicitly endorses affirmative action and condemns MCRI? Assuming the Dems really are open-minded about whom to endorse (maybe they’ll endorse nobody!), a platform might, perhaps, not be the worst thing for a party to have…
(This author still intends to make no endorsements, by the way)
No matter how bad the ideas (“We’re Addicted to Coke™”) of certain parties may be though, you still have to salute the indefatigability of anyone daring to run for office at all.
Go Pros!!

“When the going gets weird, the weird turn pro”—Dr. Hunter S. Thompson (RIP), author of “Fear and Loathing on the Campaign Trail ‘72”