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Sweat Schwarz on subverting student security

12. March 2006 • David Boyle
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One hears that with the recent $12.7 billion cut to student aid in the budget reconciliation, there may be some hard questions asked (perhaps by you) of Rep. Schwarz during his visit tomorrow,

“The Office of the President is pleased to announce the third forum of the President’s Initiative on Ethics in Public Life:
What Limits Should There Be on American Intelligence-Gathering (Domestic and Foreign) During an Age of International Terrorism?
Congressman Joe Schwarz, 7th Congressional District, will speak followed by comments from Professor Ken Lieberthal and Professor Daniel Halberstam.
Questions from the audience will then be encouraged.
Monday, March 13, 2006
7-9 PM
Pendleton Room, Michigan Union
Open to all students.
For further information, please call 734-764-6270”