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Mick Jones is Burning

30. June 2004 • Ari Paul
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Mick Jones, the guitarist for the Clash, gave an interview to The Independent (London) on his time with what Bono called the greatest rock band, as well as what he is up to now.

“Do I seem very distracted?” Mick Jones asks me quizzically, bottle of Becks in hand, as he looks up from the mixing desk in Metropolis, an expensive recording studio in west London. Not at all, I tell him. Though I can understand why he asks the question. The guitarist and Clash founder is, as he frames it, currently working on his “past, present and future”, and is under a certain amount of pressure. This not even taking account the new baby – his third girl – and recent house move: “I’m living out of boxes. I can’t even find my passport, so I can’t escape what I’m doing.”

  1. Ari, perhaps you know of your namesake Ari Up, of English punk band the Slits, and whose mom Nora Up is the wife of Johnny Rotten (John Lydon) of the Sex Pistols and P.I.L. (Public Image Limited).

    I actually drove out to Chicago last August just to see the Sex Pistols tour (Dropkick Murphys and Reverend Horton Heat as openers, I think…or was Heat the opener for Echo and the Bunnymen I saw in October?). John Rotten was waving around something called the “Book of War”, and sang “Belsen Was a Gas”, but with “Baghdad” instead of “Belsen”.
       —David Boyle    Jun. 30 '04 - 12:55PM    #
  2. On a more serious, if unrelated, note; why are people being so silent in commenting about the SAPAC issue? UM makes some 5% concession at the last minute, and people see that as satisfactory? What?? !!
       —David Boyle    Jun. 30 '04 - 12:59PM    #
  3. Boyle,

    Perhaps it’s because commenting here won’t change the situation? And people aren’t paying attention b/c they’re gone for the summer…
       —Scott T.    Jun. 30 '04 - 05:26PM    #