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Libertarians Sponsor Gun Giveaway

27. March 2006 • Dale Winling
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In an attempt to connect the broader Ann Arbor and Washtenaw County communities to the University of Michigan, we present the following notice:

On Monday, April 3, the University of Michigan College Libertarians will be holding a gun giveaway at 8:00 PM in the Pendleton Room of the Michigan Union. One lucky winner from the crowd will win a handgun for their own personal protection. The College Libertarians are sponsoring this event to promote the right to keep and bear arms and raise awareness of gun rights issues on the University of Michigan campus. Before the giveaway, Michael Thiede, President of Michigan Gun Owners, will be giving a speech on firearms ownership and the importance of safe gun handling. The College Libertarians invites all interested community members to attend for their chance to win!

Jeremy Linden
Phone: 734-776-8646

If interested parties know what make and model of handgun will be offered, please let us know.

  1. the college libertarians also used to help organize hash bash…so when are they going to give out pot???

    liberty and justice,
    ari p.

       —Ari P.    Mar. 27 '06 - 06:25PM    #
  2. UM College Libertarians = Conservatives that vote Republican but don’t call themselves Republicans.

    I suppose I can’t really fault them for that.

       —Daniel Adams    Mar. 27 '06 - 06:37PM    #
  3. Why only the second half of the second amendment? Neglecting this…:

    A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State neglecting the Militia rights issues on the University of Michigan campus!

    This little stunt of theirs is so half-hearted and disappointing. Let me know when they’ve organized the College Libertarians Militia, and start the College Libertarians Training Missions (with live ammo, of course) on the diag…

       —FAA    Mar. 27 '06 - 07:08PM    #
  4. Caught between the crossfire of well armed militia nuts running around our state lands, the leftist anarchists seeking to destroy capitalism and protect the environment through acts of terrorism, and the sick sociopaths intent on killing innocents, I am thankful that law-abiding citizens have the right to protect themselves as well. Good for the Libertarians! (But I hope they cut back on their pot smoking while they are handling loaded weapons.)

       —Karen Luck    Mar. 28 '06 - 06:02PM    #
  5. Ugh. Can we drop the anarcho-enviro-terrorist stereotype? Even joking about it just enforces a bullshit connection. Most anarchists simply want to be left alone to live how they choose…just…like…the libertarians.

       —Brix    Mar. 31 '06 - 08:10PM    #
  6. The original post says: “If interested parties know what make and model of handgun will be offered, please let us know.”

    The date stamp on this comment notwithstanding, some of this is clarified here

       —HD    Apr. 2 '06 - 07:43AM    #
  7. Thanks for the update, HD. I was surprised to learn you are not actually homeless, but was not surprised at the lack of militia rights talk. Oh well.

       —FAA    Apr. 2 '06 - 09:38PM    #