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Rally Against UM Sweatshops! Today 5pm

29. March 2006 • MarkDilley
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Fast for Justice!
Stop Starvation Wages!
Wednesday, March 29

Join SOLE for a one day solidarity
fast with U of M Sweatshop workers
from sunup until the
5:10 RALLY
on the Steps of the Union!!!

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Email to sign up today!

  1. Nice rally, speakers and chanting “It’s up to you, Mary Sue” (I may have helped a little in formulating chant! heh) in front of Union and a huge banner backdrop; then march to Fleming to chalk that and similar messages.

    Ian Robinson of LEO, Adri Miller, others spoke. Messages of solidarity with those different from you; spoken words of workers with ugly real-life details of harassment by bosses; etc.

    Nice to be there in person; life is more than weblogging…

    (See also my comment on AU from 3/24, David Boyle (SOLE kids protest in Mary Sue’s office) .

       —David Boyle    Mar. 30 '06 - 04:06AM    #
  2. Correct link is actually David Boyle (SOLE kids protest in Mary Sue’s office) , sorry.

       —David Boyle    Mar. 30 '06 - 04:10AM    #
  3. We have sweatshops here in Ann Arbor at the UM?
    And they just raised the minimum wage!!
    Wait I work in the sweat shop. I demand $50,000 a year, no $100,000. Down with the sweat shops!

       —Scott    Mar. 30 '06 - 07:10PM    #