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Big Ten vs. BTB

31. March 2006 • Brandon
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Ann Arbor food phenomenon Big Ten Burrito is being sued by the Big Ten Conference:

Last June, owners Justin Herrick and Adam Lowenstein tried to trademark the name of the local burrito joint, but the move generated legal resistance and claims of trademark infringement from the Big Ten Athletic Conference. Rather than battle the multimillion-dollar corporation in court, the owners agreed to change their name by September. The conference is responsible for the cost of new logos and signs.

Submit your ideas for a new name here.

  1. My favorite nomination comes from the Daily article:

    One avid fan even proposed the owners rename the restaurant “Fuck You Big Ten Conference Burrito.”

       —Chuck Warpehoski    Apr. 1 '06 - 01:12AM    #
  2. a suggestion overheard:

    Ten Big Burritos

       —Joe Student    Apr. 2 '06 - 04:19AM    #