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"Database unavailable" messages

5. April 2006 • Murph
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You may have noticed a “Database unavailable” message coming up occasionally, instead of your hoped-for ArborUpdate fix. This is a known issue with our hosting service that happens periodically for short periods of time; tech support says,

We have located mutliple users whose sites have contributed to the MySQL issues, and have taken steps to prevent their abuse to continue. Sadly this hasn’t resolved the issue entirely, and we’re continuing to work to resolve these issues. We are confident that we will not only be able to locate the source of this problem, but that our upcoming changes, which include moving MySQL to a dedicated setup, will provide the improvements and uptime we’re all looking for.

  1. Folks, the company in question is TextDrive , who have a great reputation. I’m giving them some time to sort this out before we go searching for another ISP, but it has been insanely frustrating.

       —Scott T.    Apr. 5 '06 - 11:18PM    #