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the yes men are coming, the yes men are coming!

6. April 2006 • MarkDilley
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Thursday, April 6 at 5:00 pm – Michigan Theater – Free

via the ever cool Mark Maynard

The event starts at 5:00, and, as it’s being presented as part of the Penny W. Stamps Distinguished Visitors Series, it’s absolutely free. So, if you liked their film, appreciated their “Yes, Bush Can” campaign (featuring Smokey the Log), or felt inspired by any of their other politically and economically motivated pranks, come on out and join us in welcoming Crimewave’s favorite corporate impersonators.

  1. When I was at Reed College in the early 90’s, there was a group called the Geurilla Theater of the Absurd, which did some hilarious pranks—one favorite was when, admidst a controversy over Portland’s renaming of Union Street to Martin Luther King Boulevard, they did a stealth overnight renaming of another street to “Malcolm X Street”. They were reportedly quite meticulous, covering over street signs and even freeway exit signs with stickers carefully matched to the standard style.

    The yes-men appear to be descendents to some degree—Igor Vamos at least was involved. I’m so happy to find out he’s still doing this kind of thing!

       —Bruce Fields    Apr. 6 '06 - 11:15PM    #
  2. Yeah, and Logan Street, where Malcolm X lived as a boy, has been renamed Martin Luther King Blvd.

    No prank: those few of us who thought Lansing ought to commemorate one of its most famous sons were angrily shouted down.

       —Larry Kestenbaum    Apr. 7 '06 - 06:39PM    #
  3. How big is Yes Man Andy Bichlbaum’s Paris apartment? That’s REALLY what any AU reader would want to know these days, isn’t it?

       —HD    Apr. 8 '06 - 03:10AM    #