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Fundraiser - Katrina Relief Work

14. April 2006 • MarkDilley
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We would like to invite you to attend a benefit evening with music this Sunday, April 16 to raise money for relief work for victims of Hurricaine Katrina in Pass Christian, Mississippi.

Place: Hathaway’s Hidaway, 310 South Ashley
Date: Sunday, April 16
Time: 7 PM
What? Good music, people, fun, etc.

Odile Hugonot Haber, Michaela Brennan, Riley Brennan, Anastasia Fedorova and Zoe Vanessa Sibbald are headed down to Mississippi on April 19, to donate our time to hurricaine relief and to document the damage that still obstructs locals from being able to regain their lives as it was before Katrina. It is now about 7 months after the hurricaine struck, and while we are hearing less about troubles in the media, people in Mississippi and Louisiana are still suffering daily.

We are hoping to raise money for our trip, and if possible, extra for supplies, as well as remind people that the devastation caused by Hurricaine Katrina is still ongoing.

There will be a report back from this international team of women, May 11, 7pm, at the next program meeting of the “Ann Arbor Town Meeting,” also at 310 South Ashley

  1. Call me sceptical, but aren’t there better channels for hurricane relief donations then a spring vacation for the five women who comprise this so-called “international team”?

       —Terence    Apr. 14 '06 - 06:09PM    #
  2. Don’t you mean “hurricaine relief”? After all, that’s the way it’s spelled in the ad, as well as “Hurricaine Katrina”...

    I’m all for relief, having made some fundraising efforts for Katrina victims myself. However, issues of credibility, etc., as to where one’s money goes, are important. (I directed my own efforts to getting money for the Red Cross, NAACP, and other recognized organizations, as I recall.)
       —David Boyle    Apr. 14 '06 - 08:23PM    #

       —billie    Apr. 17 '06 - 04:49AM    #