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15th Annual Smithee Awards

20. April 2006 • MarkDilley
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special clips from the worst of the worst movies

I have a friend who is involved with this and it sounds like a smashing time! Since I am out of town, I thought I would let others know about this Ann Arbor gem:

Do you like bad movies? Are your friends always groaning at your choices from the video store? Do you cheer for cheesy action, and stupid looking monsters?

If so, you are cordially invited to become part of the voting audience
at the 15th Annual Smithee Awards which will be taking place in Ann
Arbor on April 22nd from 7pm to Midnight at 801 N. University (U of M chemistry building) Room 1800 (the big lecture hall on the first
floor. Look for the signs). This show encourages audience participation in determining the winners in 19 different catagories like: Worst Science, Worst Special Effect, Stupidest Looking Monster, Whoops, and What.

A note of caution to parents: the Smithee Awards are not a ‘child
safe’ show. Many clips involve nudity, bad language and violence.

Admission is FREE.
Unhealthy snackfood and drinks provided.

>also see the official website

  1. “the Smithee Awards are not a ‘child safe’ show.”

    Nor is it an anybody-with-standards-safe show. But it’s great geeky fun for those of us without taste.

    I always look forward to them with great anticipation, and then, by the bitter end (the final “worst ending” and “worst movie” categories are particularly gruelling), after a few hours of assault by the dubious movies and equally dubious junk food, I find myself feeling a little queasy.

    But there are lots of convenient intermissions between categories for more sensible people that want to sample an hour and then duck out.

       —Bruce Fields    Apr. 20 '06 - 01:32AM    #