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More Bad Press for AAPS

23. April 2006 • Dale Winling
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Controversy continues to dog AAPS. In the latest edition of the Ann Arbor Public Schools Pile-on, the Ann Arbor News runs a story about claims of inefficiency in the bond management office.

Critics question whether the district really needs that many people to manage the projects. They also point out the new high school is $3.3 million over budget and up to one year behind schedule.

“Why would you spend this much on people to manage the bond when you’re also proposing to eliminate teaching positions?’’ said David Hunscher, a former Washtenaw County administrator who ran unsuccessfully for school board last year. “It’s taking funds away from the classroom.’’

Hunscher was referring to Fornero’s proposal to eliminate 104 positions, including 64 teacher positions, as part of a plan to save more than $11 million over the course of the next three years.

This follows on the heels of numerous stories and criticism in the community about cost overruns, environmental issues, and redistricting among other issues, while the school district contines to defend itself and cope with the impending departure of Superintendant George Fornero.

  1. I would link to other Ann Arbor News stories, but their Web site has a ridiculously short archive term.

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