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The Union of Progressive Alumni

30. June 2004 • Rob Goodspeed
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Is now accepting new members via their website:

The University of Michigan Union of Progressive Alumni is a global membership organization of alumni of the University of Michigan interested in progressive politics. Our mission is simple:

  • Provide opportunities for political, professional, and personal networking among members
  • Fundraise for programs and uses of our choosing at the University
  • Lobby and work with University administrators to help create a university that better reflects our values

Official members will be added to the official organization email list and hear about jobs, events, and other opportunities. Members will also be able to contact every other member through the email list. Whether it’s to solicit assistance in your personal political work, or draw the attention of the group to a specific issue at the University, you’ll be able to contact a group of Michigan’s most active, involved, and powerful alumni.

To Join, simply go to our website at and follow the easy instructions!

Union of Progressive Alumni/ae
PO Box 7207 Ann Arbor Michigan 48107
upa.core at

  1. Dude.—There is absurdly little info on the site. Some of us are certainly not gonna donate no money, sans some more specifics.

    So please make all “good speed” (whoops) toward making the UMAPA site mo detailed. Thankyouverymuch.
    Featured W. Bush birthday haiku I just sent to the DCCC haiku contest:

    Bush am-Bushed us all:
    Florida; ...Enron; ...Baghdad.
    —Won’t get fooled again!

    Went Yale and Harvard,
    But SOOO, SO little you learned.
    “You’re fired!” to Crawford!!—-
       —David Boyle    Jun. 30 '04 - 09:39PM    #
  2. I agree. More details about the current or proposed activities of UMUPA would be cool. I guess you could argue that if I don’t know it’s my fault because I didn’t go to that meeting, etc.—but even so, clarification is needed for folks who don’t happen to live in towns where a ‘mass meeting’ took place.

    I’d put this on organization’s site, but there’s no invitation for feedback.
       —Brian    Jul. 1 '04 - 11:37AM    #