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5. May 2006 • Juliew
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Ann Arbor hires new Police Chief: Barnett Jones from Sterling Heights

Ann Arbor Public Schools releases names of seven finalists for School Superintendent, Bob Galardi most likely front runner.

On May 1, the City passed a resolution to shift to 30% renewable energy by 2010 and cut greenhouse gas emissions by 20% by 2015.

Peter Allen peppers the city with orange footprints pointing toward Kingsley Lane.

Midnight/Moonlight Madness happens tonight with downtown stores staying open late, strolling entertainers on Main Street, and lots of sales.

  1. So-o – Peter is littering the city with footprints as well as projects? 8-)

       —David Cahill    May. 6 '06 - 01:41AM    #
  2. Yeah, no kidding. He really should be ashamed of leaving Braun Court lying around. How disrespectful. And those historic rehab and adaptive reuse projects on North Main? Come on – can’t the guy just find a landfill for those old buildings somewhere?

    I don’t know, David. You’re going to have a hard time convincing me that Peter Allen is a bad guy around town.

       —Murph    May. 6 '06 - 03:37AM    #
  3. Do you have to get permission from the city before putting things like those footprints down? I’m not saying I’m against them—in fact I’m kind of jazzed about the whole thing. But I was wondering about the footprints . . .

       —Young OWSider    May. 6 '06 - 06:38AM    #
  4. An informal poll:

    (1) How many of you have tried literally following in the orange footsteps?
    (2) How many pulled something in that effort?

    I’m just saying, they’re way far apart.

       —HD    May. 6 '06 - 08:46PM    #
  5. Where are they? I was just wandering around downtown and didn’t see any. (Maybe they’re really really far apart?)

       —Murph    May. 6 '06 - 10:19PM    #
  6. Murph,

    The footprints are in isolated LR pairs. The pairs are really really really far from each other. Also within each pair, the L is a full running stride apart from the R.

    No need to wander around looking: they’re just barely visible in Yahoo Map’s satellite imagery; try there and then plot a course; I have no idea how they got pictures that current.

    But seriously, there’s some on the west side of Main in the block north of Huron.

       —HD    May. 6 '06 - 11:45PM    #
  7. Yeah, they’re really far apart. I didn’t pull anything, but I came close. There are some footprints on Washington just west of First on the north side of the street.

       —Young OWSider    May. 7 '06 - 03:49AM    #
  8. There are several sets of footprints on Main Street in front of 16 Hands and that area. Also some by Kerrytown/PFC and a set (which was pulled off, but you can see where they were) a little east of the new Y. My guess is that their placement roughly corresponds to the dots on the Your Neighborhood section of the Kingsley Lane website that tells how many footsteps it is to certain downtown attractions.

    Maybe they are so far apart because you are supposed to be running and leaping in joy at the idea of living so close to everything?

       —Juliew    May. 8 '06 - 06:24PM    #
  9. There is a set on the sidewalk on the north side of Washington just west of First (across from the Kiwanis store).

       —tom    May. 8 '06 - 08:08PM    #
  10. FYI, the KL model unit will be ready soon for viewing, from what Mark Berg (my employer) tells me. May 20th, according to the web site.

    Beal’s crew has gutted the downstairs of our building (my office is upstairs—I’m working at home these days, though) and actually used the newfangled steel tubing construction in the walls that will be used in the new buildings. They’re painting the exterior of the building this week. The model will be decorated with furnishings from local stores—16 Hands (my wife’s store) and Three Chairs among them.

       —Steve Bean    May. 8 '06 - 08:37PM    #
  11. The new paintjob looks sharp. Do you think Mark would mind if a couple of the neighbors scavanged some of those wood chips or a big rock or two?

       —Parking Structure Dude!    May. 10 '06 - 05:50PM    #
  12. I think he would appreciate being asked.

       —Steve Bean    May. 10 '06 - 06:17PM    #