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1. July 2004 • dilleym
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Detroit mayor appoints privatization-friendly director of Public Lighting Dept.

“The mayor’s possible choice has a demonstrated record of selling off city assets to private corporations and is closely associated with water department chief Victor Mercado, another privatization advocate.”

Grand Rapids’ Critical Mass Bike Ride Stopped by Police, Three Arrested

“Initially one officer lectured the group and when people questioned him as to why the ride was stopped, he singled out one man for having his tire in the opposing lane. When the man questioned this, the officer at first demanded identification and claimed he was going to ticket him and shortly after that stated that the man was under arrest. The man tried to walk away but was tackled and eventually pepper sprayed—an incident that is the first usage of chemical agents at a “protest” in Grand Rapids.

  1. The Grand Rapids Press article on the Critital Mass ride is at

    While I can’t say I approve of the level of force used by the police (check out the pepper spray picture linked at the bottom of the IMC page), or the fact that the police were harassing the riders in the first place, I think it’s generally a bad idea to start walking away from an officer who has declared intent to arrest you. In fact, I think the wisest course of action may have been to produce identification, take the ticket, and challenge it in court. If bicyclists are going to assert that they have the same rights to the road as cars (they do, under Michigan law), they ought to act towards the police as car drivers do—if a cop pulls you over for speeding, you don’t refuse to produce ID and then attempt to leave scene.
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