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Ann Arbor City Democratic Party Meeting, May 13

12. May 2006 • Juliew
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Saturday May 13, 2006 10:00 a.m.
Ann Arbor Community Center
625 N. Main St.

1. Discussion of Voter ID Canvassing (15 minutes)
2. Ward meetings for all five wards (15 minutes)
3. Reconvene for Issue Discussion (90 minutes)
a. Granholm campaign
b. Parks millage
c. New city hall
d. Possibility of ballot proposal prohibiting buildings (over 20 feet in height) in the three Greenway Properties (1st & William, 415 W. Washington, and 721 N. Main)
e. Possible ballot proposal prohibiting tax abatements

  1. f. Possibility of getting a good webmaster or good web design for party web site? Worst. Web site. Ever.

       —Dale    May. 12 '06 - 08:39PM    #
  2. Oh, come on. I haven’t even looked at the party’s web site, but how could it be worse than the Ann Arbor News?

    I regret that (due to a previous commitment) I won’t be able to attend this meeting. However, I encourage y’all attend and make your views heard.

       —Larry Kestenbaum    May. 12 '06 - 09:50PM    #
  3. It’s a close call, but I give the nod of worst ever to Though in some ways, its simple design is not too different from The Best Page in the Universe.

       —Dale    May. 12 '06 - 09:53PM    #
  4. I’m with Dale on this one. just gives me a headache (although it actually looks better this afternoon than it did this morning). It is website design circa 1998. The UM Dems have a decent site though.

       —Juliew    May. 13 '06 - 12:50AM    #
  5. Jeff Souza and I will be making a pitch for volunteers for a continued Pittsfield Twp canvass on Sunday, May 21. Plus – I’ll reveal the precinct canvassing priorities for AA City that Jennifer Hall and I came up with.

    As a special added attraction, Brandon Foster from the Michigan Coordinated Campaigns will be talking about how folks can become involved in the Granholm for Governor campaign.

    You won’t want to miss this, folks!!

       —David Cahill    May. 13 '06 - 02:02AM    #
  6. If plain-vanilla HTML, circa 1998, is enough to rate “worst web site ever”, then you must not have seen my own 1996-vintage site .

       —Larry Kestenbaum    May. 13 '06 - 06:32AM    #
  7. Less than two hours before the doors open…

       —David Cahill    May. 13 '06 - 04:16PM    #
  8. In defense of the web site, it’s not the prettiest site but it’s well-organized, the information is easy to access and there’s not a lot of extra junk to distract you. You’re going to the site to get information, not buy widgets or be entertained. There’s plenty of web sites that wish they could be so easily used. Could they do some work to pretty up the site? Sure, ditch the table borders, fix the broken graphics, dump the ugly purple background that appears on some pages and have a consistent set of fonts and text sizes from page to page. But as one who works on web sites, I would much rather start with one that’s well-organized as this one is than to have to re-organize a site that looks good but is poorly organized.

       —John Q.,    May. 13 '06 - 06:18PM    #
  9. Given that every City Council member is a Democrat as is the Mayor, why would ballot proposals regarding building heights or abatements make sense? To me, whoever is putting these forward is asking the local party to say that it doesn’t trust elected representatives who belong to that party.

       —PeteM    May. 14 '06 - 01:17AM    #
  10. There were about 30 people at today’s Party meeting at the Ann Arbor Community Center. Jeff Souza from the County Party explained the importance of the November election and said that one focus of our voter ID efforts was going to be in Pittsfield Township. A second round of canvassing is set for May 21.

    I then went over the canvassing priorities that Jennifer Hall and I had developed for the 48 precincts in Ann Arbor City.

    Next, Brandon Foster, the paid staff member for our congressional district from the state party, said that we would soon be opening a big office on Fourth Avenue in the same space that we had two years before.

    The meeting then broke up into separate meetings for the five wards. The First Ward (mine) elected John Minderhout as Ward Chair. We also set up a foot canvass for Precinct 1-9 for Sunday, June 4. We are also going to set up a debate between the two First Ward Dem Council candidates (John Roberts and Ron Suarez), hopefully at the Courthouse Square auditorium.

    Sabra and I had to leave early, so I don’t know the details of the various issue discussions.

       —David Cahill    May. 14 '06 - 06:02AM    #
  11. Thanks!

       —David Boyle    May. 14 '06 - 06:45AM    #
  12. As to the comments about the AADems web site, I do agree that at least the info is easy to find, something that is often not valued in “cool” designs. That said, Wordpress has evolved to become something of a “simple” Content Management System in the way it uses pages and sidebar widgets to make it really easy for non-coders to do all sorts of things.

    Something I’d like to help local dems do is to leverage social software tools, such as Upcoming, which I know is used by Arbor Update folks. In particular, I’d like to get other Dems to understand the power of creating Groups that multiple people can use to add calendar events and then have those events appear in various web sites, as I have done with my City Council candidacy web site.

       —Ron Suarez    Jun. 2 '06 - 02:41AM    #